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use food to fuel your life

Use Food to Fuel your Life, Not Rule your Life.


Diets Don’t Work, Healthy Lifestyles Do!

Use Food to Fuel your Life

2017 is right around the corner and if you are like most of us you are thinking that this is a great time of year to make a positive impact on your life in the New Year. That’s GREAT, it’s a perfect time of year to get a fresh start and make progress on areas of your life that will benefit from a little tweaking.  You have found me and I am inviting you on a journey to make 2017 the very best that it can be.  If you follow along I will do my best to coach mentor and encourage you each step of the way so that when you look back one year from now you say, “WOW 2017 was the year that made a huge difference in my life!”  According to Neilson research the most popular New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 are to:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Healthier
  3. Save More Money
  4. Get Organized
  5. Spend More Time with Family and Friends



Make 2017 the Year You Do Something for You!

If any of those goals sound like something that you want to do then you are in the right place!  As an experienced Health and Wellness coach I will be here by your side each step of the way.  You see those resolutions are the same resolutions that I began with when I started my own wellness journey and I have achieved them myself.  Along the way I founded and have helped hundreds and hundreds of others do the very same thing. Why not you?

Use Food to Fuel your Life

My blog is free, my meal plan is free, and my coaching is free!  You do not have to purchase anything in order to get my help.  I believe in eating real food and never being hungry.   Fad diets are not even a consideration.

I only recommend one brand of products. My personal choice is AdvoCare supplements because of their safety, effectiveness and the science that stands behind the products.  Advocare is also a brand where I can find all of my needs without brand mixing.  I have tried many other brands and none can compare the quality that AdvoCare offers. The products are competitively priced and because the company offers a Preferred Customer option you can even get a discount . Who doesn’t want to save money?

I will also help you get more organized in your shopping and eating habits and suggest innovative ways of spending more quality time with your family and friends.

So if you are looking to make 2017 your year to adopt a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, gain energy, save money and become the very best version of you why not join me?

Use food to fuel your life, not rule your life.

use food to fuel your life

To your Health,

September Is Prostate Month

September Is Prostate Month
Light Blue Ribbon Month

In 1992 my Father in law was diagnosed with Prostrate cancer. After researching his options at that time, he decided a radical prostatectomy was the best option for him. Although he did experience minimal Urinary incontinence, he lived a healthy vibrant life for 24 years post his prostatectomy.

Prostate Cancer is sometimes called the silent disease because of the fact that it does not get nearly the publicity of other types of cancer despite the fact that it affects one in seven Americans.

While several of the risk factors including height, race, age and family history are beyond our control there are others that are clearly lifestyle related.  The lifestyle factors include lack of exercise, excessive consumption of red meat, alcohol, and frequency of ejaculation.  Recent studies do not show a direct correlation between obesity and prostate cancer however obesity is a leading cause of other health related conditions.

Help the Men in your life understand Prostate Health is important!
Help the Men in your life understand Prostate Health is important!

So what can you or your loved one do to minimize the possibility of developing prostate cancer? The American Cancer Association recommends a diet high in fruit and vegetables, and clean protein. Limit the amount of dairy including cheese and minimize alcohol consumption. Regular exercise is definitely helpful maintaining a healthy BMI and results in a lower risk of developing prostate or other cancers.  There is clear evidence that a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, proper hydration, regular exercise and 7-8 hours of sleep per night is effective in the prevention of a host of diseases.

For myself, in addition to healthy lifestyle choices I also add a prostrate supplement for additional health benefits.

Our advice, get screened or encourage the man or men in your life to do the same!  To learn more check out

A light blue ribbon is the symbol for prostate cancer. September is (NPHM) National Prostate Health Month.
A light blue ribbon is the symbol for prostate cancer.
September is (NPHM) National Prostate Health Month.

From online Athen’s: Let’s start with some numbers: 

30,000: That’s approximately how many American men will die of prostate cancer this year. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths — behind lung cancer — and the third leading cause of death overall, behind lung cancer and heart disease.

A quarter-million new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the next year, and 1-in-7 men will have prostate disease in their lifetimes. The good news is that most of the cases — 6 out of 10 — are in men 66 and older, and the cancer is usually slow-spreading, with a very high survival rate. In fact, the five-year survival rate for those whose prostate cancer is caught early is 99 percent.

Sometimes, of course, folks get a particularly insidious strain of the stuff and then it can be touch-and-go. My cancer, for example was caught early — within the first 6 months — and we did all the right things. We had surgery right away and we thought we got it all. But we didn’t, and after 210 radiation treatments we still didn’t have it. It had metastasized and spread into my bones. That was just bad luck. Twenty-five percent of the men in my situation survive 60 months. I’m at month 49, but don’t intend to give up and quite fighting. I think I’ll be writing more than 11 more months.

And I want you to keep reading what I write. So, all you men, go get the rubber-glove treatment. Tell the doc that Huck said to use plenty of lubricant and it won’t hurt at all. Get that PSA tested, too. The life you save may be your own. To all you ladies out there, have your man go get the rubber-glove treatment and have him get his PSA tested. It may keep his sex organs from killing him.

Now, I will be wearing red and black most days these months, but every once in a while, just for me, throw on some baby blue. Read Huckaby’s full article here,

Praying for you…. Keep up the FIGHT Huck!!!!

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