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Unicorn Drink

Unicorn Drink

What’s all the fuss about? Unicorn Drink? It Changes Color, it’s Sweet; but, is it for me?


Sometimes it’s about profit:

“Schultz said that the pink-and-blue drink drove significant traffic to chains during its limited run as well as brand awareness and affinity. These sales will likely be seen in the company’s fiscal third-quarter earnings.”


Other time’s it’s about nutrition:

And this is where my allegiance is. Although the color changing Unicorn drink has many people excited; I question the nutrition.  Do Frappuccino drinkers consider nutrition or is it all about taste? For me, in my Frappuccino days it was about taste! I would call my Mocha Frappuccino an ‘internal hug’.

However, once I made a decsion to treat my body differently I started paying attention to what I was putting in my body.


Registered dietitian Niki Kubiak classified the drink as a dessert. A sugar rush is almost guaranteed, she said. “For a grande version — that’s 16 ounces — made with whole milk and topped with whipped cream, the drink is 410 calories. And with 59 grams of sugar, the Unicorn Frappuccino packs as much of the sweet stuff as six Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts.

For those on the Weight Watchers program, a grande will use up 22 SmartPoints. Many people are alloted 30 points daily.”

When I would buy a Frappuccino it would always be a Venti which made me wonder about how much sugar was in this size of the Unicorn drink. I was shocked to learn!

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Venti has more sugar than:

  • Entire bag of Hostess Powdered Donettes (75 grams of sugar). That is 20 donettes!

Four large scoops Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (72 grams of sugar).

29 Hershey’s Kisses (75 grams of sugar).

Unicorn Drink

How Much Added Sugar is recommended each day?

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting the amount of added sugars you consume to no more than half of your daily discretionary calories allowance. For most American women, that’s no more than 100 calories per day, or about 6 teaspoons of sugar. For men, it’s 150 calories per day, or about 9 teaspoons. The AHA recommendations focus on all added sugars, without singling out any particular types such as high-fructose corn syrup.

Added Sugar






So, is choosing to put this amount of sugar a bad idea if you are interested in healthy aging? OF COURSE NOT, as long as you don’t drink it everyday like I used too.

But remember; it is about a balanced healthy diet. Obesity rates in America are still too high.

healthy unicorn drink


Occasionally, treat yourself to what you want on ‘that list‘. There’s room for all foods in a healthy diet, including the occasional fad frappe.

Unicorn Drink









When I want a Unicorn drink, a drink with pretty colors, a refreshing drink I choose Heidi’s Homemade, Heathy, Unicorn inspired Drink“.

Healthy Unicorn Drink






This combination gives me productive energy and excellent hydration. It tastes great, it’s only 55 calories, it’s packed with vitamins and electrolytes and it costs me $1.35 per drink!

Contact me with any questions or comments and if you want to know how I get 40% off the retail price, click here now!


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