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Advocare Slim

Advocare Slim tastes great and helps burn body fat. Win, Win!

I’ve been using Advocare products since 2010 and can’t say enough about them. Advocare has had Slim in its product line for over 10 years. Other companies are finally realizing the science is proven. AdvoCare has known about the research and effectivness of the ingredients (such as green coffee extract, garcinia cambogia fruit extract and chromium) and have used them in our products for so many years before other companies because our Scientific and Medical Advisory board is always on the cutting edge.

What is the Slim Down Challenge?

It’s Simple!

Take Advocare Slim twice daily over two weeks.
Follow our Healthy Meal Plan and if possible move. It really is that simple.

Advocare Slim


Advocare Slim

Advocare Slim is a vitamin, mineral & herbal supplement with energy and metabolic enhancers in a convent easy to take supplement. It helps support appetite management and provides suppor for energy.



Achieve an improved body composition and feel energized with the Slim Down Challenge.

advocare slim



Bye Bye Body Fat. I’m going to hang out with Slim….






What to do next:

Decide if you want to join the SLIM Down Challenge

Decide if you want to pay Retail or get a discount.

Place your order.

Email me to send your Healthy Meal Plan.

Begin following the Meal Plan before your SLIM arrives.
Stay in contact with me. I am available to help you get exceptional results.


 The Slim Down Challenge

advocare slim

After you join as a Preferred Customer for $19.95 Order (4) boxes for a month program. The first month is only $3.85 per day*.

BUT for the rest of the year it is only $3.19 per day. (because you already have your 20% discount). 👊👊








Keep it Simple, Clean and Easy.



Interested in other products? Checkout the Product Navigator. Simply answer a few lifestyle questions and the product navigator guides you with suggested products.


I’m SUPER excited for you!
To Your Health!





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Will eating fat make me fat?

Will eating fat make me fat?

For my whole adult life I have been told that eating fat will make me fat!  It just seems so logical that no rational adult could think otherwise…right? WRONG!!

Eating the WRONG fat can make you fat.

For decades, grains and other high carbohydrate foods formed the base of the food pyramid and the foundation for a “healthy diet” and the ‘diet’ industry promoted ‘low fat’….  Unfortunately, these recommendations couldn’t be further from the truth.  A diet high in wheat and other grain products can lead to high blood sugar and poor sensitivity to the hormone ‘insulin’.

Healthy fats, on the other hand, are instrumental in the regulation of your overall hormonal balance.  When you understand how to choose the right fats, replacing high-carb items in your diet such as bread, bagels, muffins, baked goods, and pasta with more of the healthful “fatty foods”, you’ll be well on your way to better health.

Seven foods often thought of as healthy “fatty foods”: 

Whole Eggs, Nuts (such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, and cashews), Seeds (such as sunflower seeds and flaxseeds),  Avocado, Olives, Olive Oil and Fatty Fish (such as, mackerel, tuna, salmon, and trout).


Healthy Fats
Healthy Fats

These “fatty” foods help to improve your overall fat-burning hormone balance, satiety / feelings of fullness after a meal, and other health benefits.  As an example, egg yolks are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants avocados, olives and olive oil are rich in heart-healthy fatty acids; and many species of fish are a great source of inflammation-reducing omega-3s. (Due to the high calories of healthy fats, supplements can be beneficial, providing the health benefits without overloading our calorie budget, as an example Omegaplex.)

If your goal is to be the leanest, strongest healthiest version of yourself you, consider:

  1. The right information to make good decisions (science not fads)
  2. A plan that you can follow that you can sustain over your lifetime
  3. A coach who is willing to work with you to teach you how

That is exactly what we do…we educate, provide options that you can choose and help coach you on your journey!  We have helped hundreds of others why not you? 



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