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Advocare Spark Reviews

Advocare Spark Reviews

AdvoCare Spark Reviews- New Advocare Spark


I confess that I love Spark and have been a loyal customer for over six years.  AdvoCare Spark provides me with a healthy dose of long lasting energy that lasts for hours.  Spark sharpens my mental focus which is great for any  busy mom, student, or young professional.  it is great source of B vitamins and amino acids which helps our pilots, nurses, and teacher clients have the mental focus to perform their work at a high level. AdvoCare Spark is low in calories which is great for all of us who want a healthy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks and other energy products. Spark lovers can choose from 8 delicious flavors and it is Informed Choice tested which makes it safe and effective.

AdvoCare Spark Reviews: Here is what our clients have to say

Kelly C- surgical products sales- “Spark helps me stay foAdvocare Spark Reviewscused in the operating room when patients and doctors rely on me and gives me the energy to tackle my workouts after a long day!”

Doris W-neonatal critical care nurse-“I love Spark! I gave up my six diet Pepsi a day habit and Spark provides smooth, healthy energy all day long.  My Spark helped launch my personal wellness journey.  I’m healthier and more energetic that I have been in years.”

Jason S – professional pilot “Spark is great. Because I’m on call 24/7 when I’m on duty and when I get that 3am call I know I can rely on Advocare to keep me focused and ready to roll. My only problem is that I like so may flavors it’s hard to choose. Spark rocks!”

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However… It just keeps getting better and better.

Here is what’s new: Its’ in the bag…No, really.

Spark is transitioning to recyclable bags! How awesome is that? The new packaging for Advocare Spark will provide improved durability and portability. This new recyclable bag is re-sealable to make it more convenient for both storing or taking with you.

Improved durability and portability

Take this bag anywhere you go! From hand bag to gym bag to luggage this new design is convenient, resilient and travels easy.

Re-sealable for added convenience

These bags are easy to open and seal! It’s great protection for keeping each precious stick pack safe and secure.

Recyclable material

Constructed out of recyclable material. When you are done toss it in the recycle bin or re-use it in fun and creative ways!

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To conclude my Advocare Spark Reviews:

It tastes great, provides mental focus and productive energy. It is packaged for convienence, nutritionally advance and priced competitively. (even without the discount )

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