Plant Based Meal Replacement Shakes

No Whey! Yes, Way!!   AdvoGreens Meal Replacement Shakes a blend of plant-based protein to keep you ready to tackle your day. I have a hand full of friends who prefer no animal products. They are always looking for excellent plant based proteins. Especially, plant based Meal Replacement Shakes.   Proteins are made up of small … Continue reading Plant Based Meal Replacement Shakes

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Day’s 1-10

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Day’s 1-10  Congratulations on starting your 24 Day Challenge!! Before you begin make sure you read through the 24 Day Challenge Guide, Take picture and measurements and text your Coach to let them know when you are going to begin. Download your Measurement form here Download your Shopping Guide here scroll to … Continue reading AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Day’s 1-10

Advocare Pineapple Coconut Spark

We have been waiting for this excting release and it’s here! Advocare Pineapple Coconut Spark Advocare Spark was the first Advocare product that I ever tried and it Rocked my world! Six years later I still begin everyday with Spark! Packed with nutrients that work synergistically to provide a healthy and balanced source of energy. … Continue reading Advocare Pineapple Coconut Spark

Unicorn Drink

What’s all the fuss about? Unicorn Drink? It Changes Color, it’s Sweet; but, is it for me?   Sometimes it’s about profit: “Schultz said that the pink-and-blue drink drove significant traffic to chains during its limited run as well as brand awareness and affinity. These sales will likely be seen in the company’s fiscal third-quarter … Continue reading Unicorn Drink

Protein Powder

Protein Powder. How do you know which protein you need for recovery? If your protein powder is only a whey protein is that good enough? I’m going to share my thoughts on protein powders. The different types of protein and why I choose to drink the protein powder that I use. Why do we need … Continue reading Protein Powder

Healthy Muffins

  Healthy muffins. I love healthy muffins. Well, to be honest I also love unhealthy muffins. However, for the lifestyle that I choose, healthy muffins are more compatible. So, I’m going to share a few recipes. When I think about healthy muffins I like them to be low in sugar or sugar free. I don’t … Continue reading Healthy Muffins

Advocare Slim

Advocare Slim tastes great and helps burn body fat. Win, Win! I’ve been using Advocare products since 2010 and can’t say enough about them. Advocare has had Slim in its product line for over 10 years. Other companies are finally realizing the science is proven. AdvoCare has known about the research and effectivness of the ingredients (such … Continue reading Advocare Slim

Healthy Valentine

Healthy Valentine. What better way to show your love than healthy living? Wine & chocolate time of year? When we think about our health and healthy habits, each decision matters. Alcohol, in and of itself, like any food, or beverage can safely and enjoyably be consumed in “moderation”……. right? Let’s take a look. Alcohol is … Continue reading Healthy Valentine

AdvoCare Complaints

AdvoCare Complaints Do customers complain about AdvoCare? You bet they do! With nearly 1 billion in annual sales and millions of customers throughout the U.S. there are bound to be some customers with Advocare complaints or who are not satisfied with the company or the products. However, as a product user and AdvoCare Independent Distributor … Continue reading AdvoCare Complaints

Eat Breakfast

Why Eat Breakfast? Eat Breakfast unless you want to slow your metabolism and teach your body how to hold on to body fat. If you want to SLOW your metabolism or you are a Sumo Wrestler: 1. Don’t eat breakfast. Sumo wrestlers never eat breakfast. This is a great way to slow your metabolism way … Continue reading Eat Breakfast